Welcome to the site dedicated to managing your salary savings scheme

How to log on ?

Use the identification box available at the top right of the web page.
Enter the access code and password given to you, then confirm by clicking OK.
Next you must choose a new password containing 8 alphanumeric characters.
Welcome to your dedicated web space.

If you are an saver

Your access code is provided on your statement, and your password has been given to you in a separate letter.
If you have lost or forgotten your password, please click password forgotten to obtain a new password by post, SMS text message or email (a choice is available depending on the means of communication entered in your particulars).
Your profile must be filled in to obtain your password immediately by SMS or e-mail.
A temporary password will be generated, and you will then be asked to modify it.

If you are a company

These codes have been given to you by Groupama Save-As-You-Earn scheme. If you do not have these codes, please send a request stating the name of your company and your contact details and requester status.
Such access is exclusively dedicated to the department responsible for Employees' Savings in your company.

Track your Save-As-You-Earn savings in real time!

Access your personal space easily and securely to track your savings and carry out online transactions.
You can also receive alerts (email, SMS text) with different types of information about transactions or the availability of new documents.
Please opt into the service in your profile.

Available on smartphone app!

The smartphone app available free of charge from Google Play and Apple Store offers you several features for managing your savings: account inquiry, information about the funds, arbitrages, redemption of available funds, option advice linked to online campaigns, SMS text transmission of account balances etc.